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It’s Too Good To Be True

How often have I heard that I shouldn’t believe anything that sounded to good to be true. I knew it but still always fell for the typical hype and lies that are sold with 99.99999 % of the online programs that are out there. Some are not intentional lies but they are hype in the sense that they can not actually deliver 100% of what they promise. What may work for one may not work for another as we are all individuals with different expectations and abilities. The people selling the program may not believe they are lying, because they have managed to succeed with it themselves. The thing they don’t admit is that they can never help everyone else to do the same. This is because they do not have control of the ability that others actually have for it.

So, what would happen if a program with a system that could actually be duplicated by everyone, no matter their ability came along. I could virtually guarantee that everyone and their brother would become involved, if there were never a report that it did not work for them. What if I told you that the reason that it could actually work for everyone that tried to duplicate the business could do it because it had a product that everyone wanted and could be given away for free. Well, some would come back and say “I’ve tried giving away free products and failed.” OK then, what if I could tell you that it was a product that actually has real value to it. A product that included all of the current leading internet trends and that would be sought after by anyone who uses the internet. That it would give immense value to every online and small business owner that has been struggling to get their ads seen by enough people to get ahead in their business. That it actually had a system that reached a viral market for their business? Well, then you’d probably have me committed for insanity. Because that’s just too good to be true, right?

Hahahah, well, I got news for you. I always hated that too good to be true thing, because good dreams can come true. Your dream, if you choose to put aside your faulty belief, is here.

Have a listen and tell me what you think. I put my word, reputation, and my actual life on the information which you will find in this recorded Smart Media Technologies webinar. Every word is 100% true with no hype, false promises, or exaggerations. If you are curious enough to not walk away, but still think it is too good to be true, then start by signing up for free and see for yourself. If you have vision enough to see that this is the absolute opportunity of a lifetime, then go all in. You will be joining a team that has proven to me, that they will be there for you, no matter your ability or skill level and will honestly help you through to your own real success!:D

Smart Media Technologies Webinar

Here’s to your ultimate wealth transformation!


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How Do Leading Internet Trends Affect You?

Leading Internet Trends

There are three leading internet trends that continue to grow, have potential, and affect all computer users. These are Social networks, Games, and advertising. No company other than Smart Media Technologies is focusing on all 3 of these leading internet trends.

Social Networking

As for the social networking, we all are becoming aware that sites like FaceBook and Twitter do not have our best interest at heart. They are a fun place to connect with our friends and associates, but daily when we visit and post, our privacy is being invaded and as a result the companies are becoming richer and richer. Are they paying you to build their free product which they are making billions on?

It has even happened that one company fired 6 of it’s employees for liking something on FaceBook. Can we continue to support such blatant violation of our freedom of choice? And to boot I have heard countless reports of FaceBook blocking the ability to connect with our friends and people of similar interests? What the heck is that all about?

Home Page Pays is a safe and secure place to connect with your friends and business associates. The new SmartMail, SmartChat, and SmartChirp features are being introduced in Home Page Pays Version 2.0, which will focus mainly on our email and chatting security. I know for a fact that your email is getting more difficult to use. Messages get blocked by spam and your inbox gets infiltrated with endless spam messages on how you can enlarge your breast or penis. Why do we have to put up with such rubbish? Well, we don’t anymore. There is 100% guarantee of your email delivery with Smart Mail and no spam! :D

Home Page Pays Version 2.0 will also include the ability for you to create your own virtual home, complete with wall hangings, choice of furniture, and wall paper or color schemes. How exciting is that? Imagine sitting down in your virtual home with friends from around the world to have coffee and chat? :D

You will also be able to create your own realistic looking avatar where you choose your hair, eye color, facial shape, and fashionable clothing. Smart Media Technologies programmers are geniuses and when you see what they have created, you are going to be blown away. (And this is just the beginning!)

Online Games

As for games, there are thousands out there where you play and accumulate useless Monopoly money or points. With Home Page Pays it is possible to earn Smart Points which can be spent like real money in online shopping. Members can buy electronics, music, credits for buying virtual products (which would normally take real money), and even vacations.

Also included in Home Page Pays version 2.0 is a Discovery adventure game where there are hidden objects, when you are the first to find them, you will win the real objects like computers, cash, and luxury vacations. And not only will the person finding the hidden object win it, the person who gave the Home Page Pays system to them will also win it. Think about if you give away many systems, you will increase your chances of winning something without doing a thing… even if you don’t play games!

Online Advertising

As for online advertising, Smart Media Technologies is taking the benefit of online advertising to a whole new level. When you become a paid member with Smart Media Technologies, you have a very real potential of reaching countless numbers of people viewing your personal branding each and every moment they are online. This will be 24/7. Nowhere else can you get this kind of exposure for your business. Because your home page gets passed on to free members down the line, infinitely, the number of viewers of your ad grows exponentially … if you give it away to 3 friends who give it away to 3 friends, who give it away to 3 friends, etc., you can see how it works. Because the product is something that is becoming more and more popular every day, it is completely realistic to see that these numbers are very conservative. Surely some friends will give it away to no one, but even more surely friends will give it away to many more than 3.

Advertising with Home Page Pays without becoming a paid member is also a bargain. PPC and pay per impression prices are about 1/7 the price of what other sites are charging and to boot 75% of the revenue gets paid out to members. Who else is doing this? No one, that is who. So, great, the company is being generous because it knows this will increase the popularity of the product and service and it will eventually prove to succeed because it is a pure numbers game. Earning 25% of what other sites are earning in advertising revenue, when you have a majority of the market is a no braner. Lol. With what Smart Media Technologies is developing, they are sure to get at least this percentage of the advertising over time.

Another exploding trend with advertising is in-game advertising. Because online game playing is increasing at an incredible rate, major advertisers are turning to advertising within games. Smart Media Technologies is gearing toward making this popular and effective form of advertising affordable and available to small businesses and online marketing entrepreneurs.

Studies have shown that online activity is now 52% on online games. This means that 52% of all of the time spent on the internet by users is spent playing games. This is more than all other activities combined.

So, as I’ve continued to say, keep your eyes on this company

Here’s to your ultimate wealth and health transformation!


P.S. There’s much more to the vision of Smart Media Technologies and it will truly change everything about the way we use the internet, today. Up until now, anything about it has been kept tightly under wraps as to avoid any other company getting the slightest wind of it and thus stealing it. It is near to being released, so it is now relatively safe to start to give the world an idea of what is all about. Have a listen and see if you catch the vision!

The SMT Vision Explained

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The Future Is Almost Here

Changing The Internet Forever


Changing The Internet Forever

For those of us involved in Smart Media, it is becoming more and more apparent that what has been shown to us is something of real value and integrity. The company continues to show itself as a leader in the technologies industry and is creating a product superior to anything on the internet. And to offer this product to all for free is something that is not being done anywhere else. You can find free products with money making programs all over the place, but they are of no real value. Home Page Pays is something that everyone can use and it will not force anyone to change anything they are doing on the internet. More importantly, it is something that makes people money without having to be a marketer nor spend any time to do it.

Home Page Pays Features

Within Home Page Pays, members are finding a way to educate themselves and their children with My University, which has over 2,200 videos on subjects from grade school to university level. Smart Library will educate anyone from the beginner level to webmaster expert on subjects about computers and the internet. The free software offered is completely safe and proven to be of value. The bargain finder will find the best buys in online shopping from all of the websites out there. Home Page Pays will give you the current weather in your local area, give you daily recipes, and up to date world and sports news. They are giving away daily, weekly, and monthly prizes that make your daily visit to your home page an extra added bonus. $500 is not peanuts and each day you enter, you increase your odds of winning.

One of the most exciting features coming up in the impending version 2.0 is the fact that each and every free member is going to get paid for all the time they spend on the internet, no matter what they are doing or what site they are visiting. There are other programs out there that try to do the same thing, but no other offers a valuable and useful product like is found with Home Page Pays.

Timing Is Essential

Smart Media Technologies is most attractive because you will never find hype in their marketing practices. They know that their product and services speak for themselves and over time it is undoubtedly going to be something that everyone wants and will use. Word of mouth is the most powerful selling tool their has ever been in the history of marketing. When something works and people prove this to be true, it is inevitable that that company will become the leader in selling their product. And the funny part is that they are not selling this. They are giving it away … completely and unconditionally free for life to everyone who wants to use it. How could it not become number one?

Right now, if you get in, you will find that nearly no one has heard of Home Page Pays. When you promote it and give it away, you will find that it is the easiest thing you will ever do to make money. Just introduce it to those that you know and come across and don’t even present it as a money making opportunity. You’ll be surprised at how few people refuse to accept it. When the time comes and Smart Media Technologies releases it’s next version and then ultimately it’s top secret technology that it is developing to change our internet experiences forever, well then you are going to be very, very rich. You will already have built yourself a phenomenal downline of free members who will be scrambling to pay you to upgrade. This is an opportunity that has never presented itself before.

An Opportunity That Has Never Presented Itself Before

You may be thinking that this is an overstatement but remember me saying that Smart Media Technologies is working on secret technology? Well, I can’t tell you too much about it because they are not telling us. Lol. It is way too huge to give details. If they did, other major companies out there trying to compete would be able to try and develop it first. The humor in this is that Smart Media Technologies has been working on it for over 4 ½ years and there’s no way any other company could ever beat them. SMT has the leading team of software developing programmers that has ever existed on the net. They have been working together for over 12 years and their speed and ability to develop the new and exciting ideas that consultants are coming up with is unbelievable.

David Martin, founder and CEO of SMT is a stand up guy and his vision to create something to help people and not just to make money is very real and apparent. Please keep your eyes on this company and when you finally get the whole big picture, be sure to get yourself in on it before it is too late. The time is growing very near and the excitement by the company and it’s representatives is a great thing to be a part of.

Secure your future, now by visiting and joining us …

Smart Media Technologies

If you are not yet ready and wish to only try out this great product for yourself visit and join for free here:

Home Page Pays

Here’s to your ultimate wealth and health transformation!


P.S. If you want to know a little more about this great secret technology and how Smart Media Technologies is changing the internet forever, listen to these great revealing audios that will help you to see the vision:
The SMT Vision Explained

and …

The Future Is Almost Here

The Future Is Almost Here


The Future Is Almost Here

Your Privacy Is Being Sold

By now, you’ve heard this. Google and Facebook and other companies are openly admitting that your information is being sold and they just don’t think it’s a problem. Well, how does it make you feel? Does it concern you or even anger you that they use a platform that they offer you for free and have the gall to use your content and posts as a way to make money from advertisers? And then on top of it, they use your private information to make even more money. Are we prostituting ourselves? For what? Even a prostitute gets paid! :o … So what if there were a way to do away with all this corruption and greed? Would you choose the option given to you if you got something that would assure your privacy and pay you for using their free product? If the answer is no, then you don’t get it. There are no strings, you are being offered a product that is of value, is completely free for life, and you also get paid for using it and giving it away. Folks, this is no joke or sales pitch. This is for real and it is in everyone’s future. Have a listen to this short audio and see if you can catch the vision. The Future Is Almost Here

P.S. It’s time to check out what this is all about. Sign up for free and try your free home page. Click here for your free Home Page Pays

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The SMT Vision Explained


So, This Is Top
Secret? Why!?

I recently posted a letter from my upline in SMT trying to explain the vision of SMT. It attempted to explain why the company and it’s representatives are so excited about what is to come with SMT and why it is so huge. We, who are already involved with SMT, all know this is an opportunity of a lifetime, but without having the whole picture, very few catch on or believe it. In the following audio, a little more to help explain what it is all about is revealed. Remember though, what is being talked about here is really a matter of top secret information which can not be fully revealed because of reasons described in the audio. As time goes on and you continue to follow the companies updates, slowly but surely more will be revealed and finally when the time is right the top secret technology will be released to the world for use. This is absolutely one of the most exciting top MLM opportunities I have ever seen in my entire life. If you aren’t getting the picture, yet, please listen to this information and then contact me for a three way call with Jennie and myself if you are interested in learning more.

The SMT Vision Explained
Here’s to your ultimate wealth and health transformation!

P.S. you don’t have to see the big picture to take advantage of the free gift offered by SMT. It’s absolutely free for life, whith no strings, gimmicks, or sales pitches. This is another reason to just love David Martin and SMT. Most just can’t grasp that he’s really out to change the world we know on the internet and for the simple reason he wants to help people. Accept your free gift, now, and see for yourself why it is happening just as I say :D
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